Even though the mountains of Ulassai are not very high, on the walls some interesting multipitches have been put up, multipitch routes with a sport climbing character. They are all climbable in half a day, needing two ropes and a set of quickdraws.

INFINITI SPAZI (Guglia di Su Sussiu)

80m – 6a+ max (5c obligatory)

A relaxing climb in a magnificent setting. Spectacular 55 meter abseil completely in the void.



110m – 7a+ max (6b+ obligatory)

A difficult and exposed climb, which as you go up it gets easier. The rock is sometimes a bit fragile, the void below is guaranteed!


CARPE DIEM (Lequarci Waterfall)

70m – 6b max (6a obligatory)

A line in spectacular surroundings when the waterfall is flowing. At other times it is not worth it, considering the quality of the rock isn’t very good. It is however bolted and you only need to take quickdraws, two ropes and your helmet. IT was bolted ground up by Maurizio Oviglia and Fabio Erriu in the winter of 2014.
It is accessed from the bridge of the waterfall, before the sanctuary of Santa Barbara, walking on the left side of the river for about 15 minutes in the forest (no set path).


BACCILI (Monte Tisiddu)

100m – 7a max

Challenging climb put up by Gianluca Piras in 2002. Completely bolted, you need 14 quickdraws. Abseil down. Access in just 2 minutes from the ring road of Ulassai, to the left of the Torre dei Venti crag.
Here are the words of Gianluca who recently repeated his creation just 14 years later: “4 pitches, an amazing vertical wall that goes up for about 100 meters right next to the road, the first pitch is about 20 meters and is a bit dusty but the climbing is beautiful and strange, something not found anywhere else graded 6c, from the anchor you climb a much more athletic pitch on almost white rock, 6b +. And then there is the hardest pitch of the route, a nice vertical 7a with a only a few handholds and footholds keeping in style with the rock in this area. In the last pitch the rock changes from white rock to then amazing pockets that you do not expect to find on a 6a +.”