Ulassai is a small mountain town in the heart of Ogliastra, Sardinia’s most unspoiled and authentic region. Surrounded by high limestone cliffs and at an altitude of 700 m amsl, it attracts visitors for the combination of inland Sardinia’s uncontaminated nature and authentic traditions with the beauty of the coastline, only 20 minutes away by car.

Ulassai offers, in just a few km from the village centre, a wide variety of attractions: from the distinctive limestone “tacchi”, so-called because they resemble upturned shoe heels (“tacco” means “heel” in Italian), very popular with climbers from al lover the world, to the “Su Marmuri” cavern, one of Sardinia’s most famous; from the high, foaming Lecorci and Lequarci waterfalls, which form after the autumn rains, to the Taccu plateau with its woods of centuries-old oaks and strawberry trees, through which various paths weave to offer walks with breathtaking views.

In the town centre of Ulassai you can still find, almost intact, the typical architecture of the ancient Sard villages. You can admire traditional arches ( the Arco di “Barigau”, the actual entrance gate to the heart of the town and a majestic monument, what’s left ofan old town wall), cloisters and other buildings from the past which exude, still today, the odour of our forebear’s times.

Memories of ancient crafts live on among the people of Ulassai, the best example of which are the fine works of the women of the Cooperativa tessile di Su Marmuri (weaving cooperative) who, as in the past, skilfully weave their wools to create unique woven designs of important artistic and handicraft value.

For a few years now, in Ulassai a process of developing this extraordinary natural heritage made of rocks, waterfalls and woods has been underway. This heritage, which for thousands of years was regarded by the Ulassai community as “merely where they worked”, is now an important resource for tourism.

Hundreds of rock climbing routes have been created along with walking paths for nature lovers, so that, over the course of about 10 years, Ulassai has become an important centre in Sardinia for outdoor sport lovers.

Today Ulassai boasts some of Sardinia and Europe’s finest climbing. This, together with the works of art scattered across the area. the hiking trails, the caves and the handicrafts, make Ulassai a “must-visit” for all those who love art and nature.